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Day 1. 5th NOV 2021
Time in Time out Room A Room B Room C Room D
09:30 09:40 Opening Ceremony
09:45 11:00 [Pulmonary Hypertension Working Group Session]
Update of Diagnosis and Treatment for Pulmonary Hypertension [Eng]
Update in Hypertension in the Young [Basic Science Working Group Session]
Molecular Signaling in Hypertension
Update in Clinical Implications of Aldosteronism
11:10 12:25 Joint Symposium KSH and Taiwanese Society of Hypertension [Eng] Clinical Research Award Angiotensin in the Brain and Hypertension
- Therapeutic Implications
Vascular Remodeling in Hypertension
12:35 13:25 Luncheon Symposium I
[한국다이이찌산쿄 & 대웅제약]
Luncheon Symposium II
Luncheon Symposium III
[동아ST & 셀트리온제약]
Session for Clinical Hypertension,
the Official Journal of KSH
13:35 14:50 [Stroke Working Group Session]
Blood Pressure and Cerebrovascular Disorder [Eng]
Pandemic Issues in Hypertension [Metabolic Syndrome Working Group Session]
Did you Sleep Well?
Measurement of Adherence in Hypertension
15:00 16:15 Drug-induced Hypertension - Onco-Hypertension [Eng] [Epidemiology Working Group Session]
Epidemiology of Hypertension in Women
Update in Orthostatic Hypotension in Hypertension Management Atrial Fibrillation and Hypertension
16:25 17:35 Joint Symposium KSH and International Society of Hypertension [Eng] [Pediatric Hypertension Working Group Session]
Pediatric Hypertension Guidelines in Korea
Korean Big Data in Hypertension Newer Drugs in Hypertension
Day 2. 6th NOV 2021
Time in Time out Room A Room B Room C Room D
08:00 08:50 Industrial Breakfast Symposium I
Industrial Breakfast Symposium II
Industrial Breakfast Symposium III
Industrial Breakfast Symposium IV
09:00 10:15 Hypertension and Heart Failure [Eng] Update in Blood Pressure Variability Pregnancy and Hypertension - Recent Issues Home Blood Pressure Forum Session
10:25 11:00 Special Lecture [Eng]
11:10 11:40 Industrial Symposium I
Industrial Symposium II
Industrial Symposium III
Industrial Symposium IV
11:50 12:25 Industrial Symposium V
Industrial Symposium VI
Young Investigator Award [Eng]
12:35 13:20 Luncheon Symposium IV
Luncheon Symposium V
Luncheon Symposium VI
13:30 14:45 Hypertension in the Elderly [Eng] Why the Gut Microbiome Is Crucial for Hypertension? Physical Fitness in Hypertension - Sedentary Behavior and Chronic Disease [Working Group on Hypertension Complication]
Biomarkers of Hypertensive Target Organ Damage
14:55 16:10 [Blood Pressure Monitoring Working Group]
Newer Measuring Devices [Eng]
[Resistant Hypertension Working Group]
Novel Insight for Resistant Hypertension
Sleep and Blood Pressure - Blood Pressure in Patients with the Sleep Disorder Hypertension Education and Training Session I - Basic Strategy for Hypertension Management
16:20 16:50 Plenary Lecture [Eng]
17:00 18:15 Update in Salt and Hypertension [Eng] Environment and Hypertension Pros and Cons, Initial Combination Therapy Hypertension Education and Training Session II - Issue Resolving
18:20 18:30 Closing Ceremony

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