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 [Basic Science Working Group Session] Molecular Signaling in Hypertension November 05 (Fri) 09:45-11:00 Room C
Chairperson(s) Dae Ryong Cha(Korea University)
Byeong-Hwa Jeon(Chungnam National University)
09:45-10:05 Nifedipine-induced AMPK Activation Rescues Senescence by Autophagy and Suppressing Ca2+ Levels Hyoung Chul Choi(Yeungnam University)
10:05-10:25 Systemic Effects of Exposure to Fine Particulate Matter in Experimental Model Jin-Joo Cha(Korea University)
10:25-10:45 The Role of Redox Protein APE1/Ref-1 in Vascular Inflammation Hee Kyoung Joo(Chungnam National University)
10:45-11:00 Panel Discussion Soo-Wan Kim(Chonnam National University)
Sang-Yeob Yim(Korea University)
Jin-Ok Jeong(Chungnam National University)
Hyeon Seok Hwang(Kyunghee University)
 Angiotensin in the Brain and Hypertension - Therapeutic Implications November 05 (Fri) 11:10-12:25 Room C
Chairperson(s) Jin-Ok Jeong(Chungnam National University)
Juhan Kim(Chonnam National University)
11:10-11:30 Brain Renin-angiotensin System and Its Role in BP Regulation Seon-Ah Jin(Chungnam National University)
11:30-11:50 Interaction of Renal and Cerebral Renin-angiotensin System Eun-Hui Bae(Chonnam National University)
11:50-12:10 Novel Antihypertensive Drugs Targeting the Brain Renin-angiotensin System In Kyeom Kim(Kyungpook National University)
12:10-12:25 Panel Discussion Byung-Sik Kim(Hanyang University)
Sang-Ho Lee(Kyunghee University)
Mi-Hyang Jung(Hallym University)
 Luncheon Symposium III [DONG-A ST & celltrionph] November 05 (Fri) 12:35-13:15 Room C
Chairperson(s) Jae Woo Lee(Choonhae Hospital)
12:35-12:55 The Role of 24h BP Control for CVD Prevention Si-Hyuck Kang(Seoul National University)
12:55-13:15 The BP Control Strategy in Patients with Hypertensive Complications Hyue-Mee Kim(Chung-Ang University)
 [Metabolic Syndrome Working Group Session] Did you Sleep Well? November 05 (Fri) 13:35-14:50 Room C
Chairperson(s) Hyeong-Kyu Park(Soonchunhyang University)
Eun-Joo Cho(Catholic University)
13:35-13:50 Clinical Significance of Sleep Disturbance Jin Oh Na(Korea University)
13:50-14:05 Effect of Sleep Quality/Quantity on Blood Pressure Heesun Lee(Seoul National University)
14:05-14:20 Effect of Sleep Quality/Quantity on Glucose Metabolism Ji-Hye Huh(Hallym University)
14:20-14:35 Sleep Disturbance and Cardiovascular Outcome Won-Woo Seo(Hallym University)
14:35-14:50 Panel Discussion Kyung-Jin Kim(Ewha Womans University)
Hyun-Jin Kim(Hanyang University)
Jae-Bin Seo(Seoul National University)
Sang-Ho Jo(Hallym University)
 Update in Orthostatic Hypotension in Hypertension Management November 05 (Fri) 15:00-16:15 Room C
Chairperson(s) Kyung-Kuk Hwang(Chungbuk National University)
Kwang-Il Kim(Seoul National University)
15:00-15:15 Mechanisms, Causes, and Evaluation of Orthostatic Hypotension Hae-Young Lee(Seoul National University)
15:15-15:30 Management of Orthostatic Hypotension Dae-Hee Kim(Ulsan University)
15:30-15:45 Prevention and Management of Supine Hypertension in Patients with Orthostatic Hypotension Hyun Ah Kim(Keimyung University)
15:45-16:00 Orthostatic Hypotension and Intensive Blood Pressure Treatment: No Need to Worry? Ju-Hee Lee(Chungbuk National University)
16:00-16:15 Panel Discussion Yong-Hyun Park(Pusan National University)
Hyun-Ju Yoon(Chonnam National University)
Jang-Hoon Lee(Kyungpook National University)
 Korean Big Data in Hypertension November 05 (Fri) 16:25-17:35 Room C
Chairperson(s) Jang-Young Kim(Yonsei Wonju University)
Juhan Kim(Chonnam National University)
16:25-16:40 Research on Prevalence, Treatment Status, and Drug Adherence in Hypertension Jae-Yeong Cho(Chonnam National University)
16:40-16:55 Antihypertensive Drugs and Risks of Cancers In-Jeong Cho(Ewha Womans University)
16:55-17:10 Office Blood Pressure Range and Cardiovascular Events in Hypertensive Patients: A Nationwide Cohort Study in South Korea Chang-Hee Kwon(Konkuk University)
17:10-17:25 Thoughts on Hypertension Big Data Studies in Korea Si-Hyuck Kang(Seoul National University)
17:25-17:35 Panel Discussion Dae-Ryong Kang(Yonsei Wonju University)
Dae-Hee Kim(Ulsan University)
Jeong-Hun Shin(Hanyang University)
Mi-Hyang Jung(Hallym University)
 Industrial Breakfast Symposium III [Daewon Pharmaceutical company] November 06 (Sat) 08:00-08:40 Room C
Chairperson(s) Soon Pyo Hong(Chosun University)
08:00-08:20 The Importance of TG management and a Review of Clinical Trial of Fenofibrate Choline Myung Soo Park(Hallym University)
08:20-08:40 The Benefit of SPC for Hypertensive Patients with Dyslipidemia Il-Suk Sohn(Kyunghee University)
 Pregnancy and Hypertension: Recent Issues November 06 (Sat) 09:00-10:15 Room C
Chairperson(s) Dong Soo Kim(Inje University)
Wook-Bum Pyun(Ewha Womans University)
09:00-09:15 Preeclampsia and Cardiovascular Disease in a Large UK Pregnancy Cohort of Linked Electronic Health Records : A CALIBER Study Sang-Hoon Seol(Inje University)
09:15-09:30 An Update on the Pathophysiology of Preeclampsia In-Jeong Cho(Ewha Womans University)
09:30-09:45 Threshold and Target Blood Pressure for Drug Therapy in Gestational Hypertension Jae-Hyeong Park(Chungnam National University)
09:45-10:00 How to Guide and Manage Postnatal Hypertensive Women Jeongsu Kim(Pusan National University)
10:00-10:15 Panel Discussion Hyung-Yoon Kim(Chonnam National University)
Sang-Hyun Lee(Pusan National University)
Kyunghee Lim(Dong-A University)
 Industrial Symposium III [SERVIER Korea Ltd.] November 06 (Sat) 11:10-11:35 Room C
Chairperson(s) Jin-Won Jeong(Wonkwang University)
11:10-11:35 Maximizing Benefits in Hypertension management with Perindopril and Indapamide In-Cheol Kim(Keimyung University)
 Industrial Symposium VI [Samjin] November 06 (Sat) 11:50-12:25 Room C
Chairperson(s) Moon-Jae Kim(Jung General Hospital)
11:50-12:00 Guidelines on the Management of Hypertension and Dyslipidemia Hyuck-Jun Yoon(Keimyung University)
12:00-12:10 Effective Strategy of BP and Lipids Control with SPC Sang-Ho Jo(Hallym University)
12:10-12:25 Discussion
 Luncheon Symposium VI [Hanmi] November 06 (Sat) 12:35-13:15 Room C
Chairperson(s) Cheol-Ho Kim(Seoul National University)
12:35-12:55 The Recent Trend of Simultaneous Management of Hypertension and Dyslipidemia Hyung-Joon Joo(Korea University)
12:55-13:15 Combination Therapy of Antihypertensive Drugs for CV Protection Hye Moon Chung(Kyunghee University)
 Physical Fitness in Hypertension - Sedentary Behavior and Chronic Disease November 06 (Sat) 13:30-14:45 Room C
Chairperson(s) Young-Dae Kim(Dong-A University)
Yeon-Soo Kim(Seoul National University)
13:30-13:45 Introduction of Sedentary Behavior and Health Jungjun Lim(Seoul National University)
13:45-14:00 Sedentary Behavior and Metabolic Disease Soo Hyun Park(KISS)
14:00-14:15 Sedentary Behavior and CVD Yong-Hwan Kim(Wonju University)
14:15-14:30 The Status and Improvement Strategies of Koreans' Sedentary Behavior Hyun-Tae Park(Dong-A University)
14:30-14:45 Panel Discussion Hyun-Joo Kang(Soonchunhyang University)
Soung-Yob Rhi(Catholic University)
On Lee(KISS)
 Sleep and Blood Pressure - Blood Pressure in Patients with the Sleep Disorder November 06 (Sat) 14:55-16:10 Room C
Chairperson(s) Won-Chul Shin(Kyunghee University)
Jong-Moo Park(Eulji University)
14:55-15:10 Insufficient Sleep and Blood Pressure Daeyoung Kim(Chungnam National University)
15:10-15:25 Insomnia and Blood Pressure Pamela Song(Inje University)
15:25-15:40 Sleep-disordered Breathing and Blood Pressure Jung-Ick Byun(Kyunghee University)
15:40-15:55 Impact of Hypoxia during Sleep on Neurological Outcome among Stroke Patients Chi-Kyung Kim(Korea University)
15:55-16:10 Panel Discussion Yerim Kim(Hallym University)
Moo-Seok Park(Ewha Womans University)
Su-Hyun Han(Chung-Ang University)
 Pros and Cons, Initial Combination Therapy November 06 (Sat) 17:00-18:15 Room C
Chairperson(s) Dae-Gyun Park(Hallym University)
Jin Ho Shin(Hanyang University)
17:00-17:20 Pros Sang-Ho Jo(Hallym University)
17:20-17:40 Cons Sang Min Park(Eulji University)
17:40-17:45 Pros(rebuttal) Sang-Ho Jo(Hallym University)
17:45-17:50 Cons(rebuttal) Sang Min Park(Eulji University)
17:50-18:15 Panel Discussion Ji-hee Kim(Catholic University)
Hack-Lyoung Kim(Seoul National University)
Jeong-Hun Shin(Hanyang University)
Jung-Sun Cho(Catholic University)

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