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Venue: Studio 5(6F)

No. Abstract Title Name Presenting Country
PE-01 Changes in Vascular Stiffness, Blood Pressure, and Dephosphorylated-uncarboxylated Matrix Gla protein After Vitamin K supplementation in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Randomized Controlled Trials Khoirul Solikhin Ardianto Indonesia
PE-02 Association and Correlation Between Blood Pressure Indices, Hypertension and Body Mass Index with Bone Mineral Density and Osteoporosis Elaheh Alizargar Iran, Islamic Republic of
PE-03 Smartwatch-Based Blood Pressure Measurement as an Effective Blood Pressure Monitoring Device : A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Hilmi Ardian Sudiarto Indonesia
PE-04 POSYANDU LANSIA as Prevention and Early Detection of Cardiometabolic Syndrome for The Elderly in Rural Area, Community Health Center of Tambusai I, Rokan Hulu, Indonesia Rafik Prabowo Indonesia
PE-05 The Impact of hypertension control on heart failure Pey Woei Ting Malaysia
PE-06 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Dietary Salt Intake among Hypertension Patients in Klinik Kesihatan Kampung Simee, Ipoh Xian Hui Teh Malaysia
PE-07 PLGA loaded nano-formulation of Ganodric acid preventive against cardiac and renal injury in high salt-induced hypertension in rat Vikas Kumar India
PE-08 Prediction of hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis,and hypertension in adults by means of wearable device : a novel approach Manvendra Singh India
PE-09 Comparative analysis of blood pressure, blood sugar and BMI levels in hypertensive and hypertensive diabetic patients Poonam Sahu India
PE-10 Late Night Eaters are “Canaries in Coal Mine” for Metabolic Predisposition to Hypertension, obesity, T2DM and Cardio-Metabolic Disorders Qulsoom Naz India
PE-11 Omega 3 fatty acid supplementation: A tool for hypertension management in smokers Anjali Singh India
PE-12 The Impact of Pre-existing Hypertension Control in Patients with Acute Aortic Dissection Yan Le Ho Malaysia
PE-13 Protective effect of glyburide loaded nanoemulsion in streptozotocin induced type 2 diabetes mellitus in the rodent model via Apoptotic Related Genes and Insulin Signalling Pathway (IRS1/AKT) using Cell-based therapeutics Deepika Singh India
PE-14 Fabrication, characterization of PLGA loaded nano-particle of umbelliferone exhibited the antihypertensive and Vasorelaxant effect on rats via endothelium-dependent and endothelium-independent pathways Vikas Kumar India
PE-15 An Increase in Blood Pressure After the Pandemic Observed Among the Elderly in Indonesia Zulfania Rahmah Indonesia
PE-16 Patients with Hypertension or Chronic Kidney Disease Demonstrated Reduced Diurnal Variation in Advanced Hemodynamic Parameters as Arise from Continuous Non-Invasive Monitoring Dean Nachman Israel
PE-17 Household Income Disparities and INTERHEART Risk Scores: A Comparative Study among the Middle-Aged Adults in Malaysia Siew-Keah Lee Malaysia
PE-18 Integration of kidney transcriptome, plasma metabolomics and proteomics illuminates new effector genes and biomarkers of hypertension Xiaoguang Xu United Kingdom

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